Teen Sunday School

5th grade—12th Grade: Prophets and Kings The Gospel Project

Length: ongoing: Group discussion

Facilitators: Pastor Trevor

Israel and Judah, governed Predominantly by evil kings, continued to disobey God. God sent prophets like Elijah and Isaiah to reveal His power, love, and faithfulness to His people. God Reminded them of his plan to send a rescuer, Jesus, to take away their sin.

Location: Room 6 (Teen Room) When: Every Sunday Morning 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Youth Night

Leader Facilitated Discussion

Facilitators: Pastor Trevor

If you are in grades 5th –12th youth group is for you. Come hang out, develop friendships, have fun and learn about God and his word with Pastor Trevor. And bring your friends along.

Location: Youth Room When: Sunday Night 6:00pm –7:30 pm