A Spiritual Growth Map For A Disciple

The Birdsboro Church of the Nazarene, that is our pastoral staff, elected and appointed leaders, ministry teams, members and regular attendee’s care deeply about being faithful followers of Jesus Christ and equipping others to be the same. We recognize that everyone is on a JOURNEY and that the degree in which we are faithful is affected by how much effort we put into understanding and developing our spiritual S.H.A.P.E.

At Birdsboro church of the Nazarene we want to be an authentic Biblical Community that Loves GOD Wholeheartedly, Lives Holy by following Jesus’ example, and leads others to encounter him  personally. As disciple makers (Disciples), we are committed to obediently following the Great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and training together to become more like Jesus through the study of God’s word.

We have decided to follow  Jesus’ own model in making disciples. When Jesus made disciples, he did so in four phases. We call these “Come and See”, “Follow Me”, “Be with  Me”,  and “Remain in Me”. In each phase, he trained his disciples  to adopt specific  values, develop individual behaviors, habits, and virtues,    and become involved in ministry. As church leaders we have carefully studied the Bible to collect “All that Jesus commanded”,  and listed these in each of the four phases Jesus used in his disciple making process.  Now what remains is that these truths are modeled,  taught, embraced, and passed along. We are developing a JOURNEY MAP to help guide you along the process.

This will be a tool to guide you in becoming a disciple and making disciples, not just any kind of disciple, but the kind Jesus commanded us to become and make, one that obeys all that he commanded.

Definition of a Disciple

We define a disciple of Jesus in the following way:

A disciple is a believer who has submitted to the process of becoming more like Jesus Christ: displaying His character, daily living out His values and disciplines, and answering Christ’s call to a life of service to others. By the power of the Holy Spirit a Disciple of Jesus accepts the responsibility to be trained and shaped by Jesus-like patterns of obedience and faithfulness in all of God’s commands (disciplines).  These commands lead each of us toward deepening spiritual growth as we seek the Father, follow Jesus, abide in the Holy Spirit, and give God Lordship of our lives.  Growing disciples intentionally walk alongside others;  investing in them and modeling God’s unconditional love through constant care,  instruction, and loving accountability.


Phrase Summary

Come and See:  (Process) Spiritual Seekers to Growing Believers

A Person that develops an interest in the claims of Jesus Christ through growing relationships with other believers; Who may then put their faith in Christ leading to salvation and baptism; and begins to intentionally grow in a life transforming relationship with God.

Follow Me: (Process) Growing Believers to Faithful followers

A disciple trains to become Christ like in all areas of Christian discipline, behavior, habits,  values, ministry involvement, and relationships; learning to apply oneself to a lifelong commitment of servant leadership.

Be with Me: (Process) Faithful Followers to Committed servant Leader(ship)

Guided by the Holy Spirit disciples develop a deep maturing love for and dependence upon Jesus as a daily life pattern. The Disciple  has life & ministry experience walking consistently with the Lord, has developed the character, skills, and training to lead other disciples into Leadership and service.

Remain in Me: (Process) Committed servant Leader(ship) to Passionate Lifelong Disciple makers

A lifelong Disciple is a bold and resourceful witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Is one who embraces a vocational calling of ministry with Christ for a lifetime; and has learned to be fruitful even in the face of rejection, suffering, sacrifice, or persecution without compromise. A Passionate Lifelong Disciple wholeheartedly invests themselves into the development of other faithful Disciple makers with the goal of finishing the Great Commission well.


“Journey” Discipleship classes are aimed at starting wherever you are on your journey of faith, and helping you to become a fully committed, passionate, disciple of Jesus Christ.

We encourage everyone regardless of one’s faith commitment to participate in our Journey Basics class.

Journey Basics is a class designed to help you understand a little more about our church and our biblical beliefs.   But mainly, this class   helps to unpack the unique spiritual S.H.A.P.E. given to each of us.   Having a deeper understanding of our Spiritual S.H.A.P.E., we believe is a foundational approach to other discipleship development.    Through the participation in this class we can better partner with each person who cares about developing their own faith in Jesus. We encourage everyone to plug in to a small group designed to help navigate you through the spiritual development stage you find yourself in. For more information see the Journey MAP on Discipleship.

We all are on a journey that has many twists and turns. A journey that none of us is supposed to travel alone.   At BNC we desire to walk alongside one another and be encouragers.

To plug into this Discipleship Journey Contact Pastor Scott or the church office for more details!