Community Life is the experience of people on a journey together toward intimacy with Christ. We place high value on relationships, assimilation of newcomers, addressing the needs of our people, development of believers, and commitment to education and equipping people for active ministry and mission.

Church Community Life includes Sunday School, LIFE Groups (Small Group Bible Study), social activities, ministry to others, and personal and corporate Christian development and discipleship, which are all encompassed with prayer. We need to strive to be people of God. We desire to be a community that experiences abundant LIFE together, builds TRUST, and encourages healthy BALANCE in our lives. The priority and purpose of the Community Life Team is to create an environment for Authentic Community and Spiritual Maturity.


Authentic Community



1) Adoption: An adopted person is assimilated into the LIFE of the church. It is someone who feels accepted, connected, and comfortable with a group of people.

2) Assistance: Assisting others through Christ empowered care. This is a natural byproduct of people connecting well.

3) Accountability: Inviting other people into your life to challenge you in your priorities and relationships.


Spiritual Maturity


1) Intimacy with God

2) Deeper friendships with the Core

3) Influence with the outside Community


Community Life BALANCE Expectations

It is our desire that everyone in our church live an abundant LIFE in Christ that is as balanced as possible. That may seem difficult, but this is what we envision:

Think Life Balance – The VISION of Community Life is to create an environment where participants experience a balance in authentic community and spiritual growth. If we learn to live balanced lives in our church experience, we will be better equipped to apply this principle of balance to all areas of our lives.


4 essentials we believe all church attendees need in their spiritual walk.

  1. Attend Worship – Worship service brings us together as a church family to purposely worship God. We believe that God desires to minister to us through corporate worship.
  2. Participate in a LIFE / Small Group – It is important that we help people connect on a personal level. Worship turns our attention toward God; small groups help us focus on each other on a more intimate and spiritual level. We believe that this area of ministry is where most people begin to feel connected and become more committed to God, each other, and our community. We encourage every attendee to participate in a small group.
  3. Be involved in Ministry – A healthy church has many opportunities for people to serve and much can be accomplished if each person participates. We encourage every attendee to find at least 1 area to give back to the local church.
  4. Engaged in a Mission – It is important that God’s people find ways to engage our culture with the love of Jesus. This should be something outside of our church ministry. Mission opportunities include, but are not limited to: volunteer work for non-profit organizations, service in school leadership (Board, PTA, Booster Clubs, etc.) – any service that shares Christ with our community. We encourage every attendee to find a mission in the community.


Community Life Highlights


* Annual Family Picnic (September): A great day of fun, food, and fellowship

* Christmas Cradle (December): Annual Christmas outreach event. We share with our community by participating in “Christmas in Birdsboro” by providing music, animals, Live Nativity, multimedia presentations, crafts, Story Time with Granny, refreshments, and more. Our church building and grounds are filled with hundreds of smiling faces, young and old alike who experience the true meaning of Christmas.

* Annual Thanksgiving / Christmas Dinner: A fun, family, fellowship event at Birdsboro Community Center. A catered meal (reservations required).

* Women’s Ministry Events (year-round): Groups of ladies enjoy time together at breakfast, day trips, baby showers, Christmas lunch, Secret Sister luncheon, etc.

Praise God for the His work in the life of our church and individuals. If we allow God to guide us on this journey, this LIFE can be abundant and something to look forward to.

Partner with us as we strive to create an environment for Authentic Community and Spiritual Maturity.