People of Prayer – To be a people who place highest priority on spending time with God to experience intimacy with God.

A Place of Grace – To be a compassionate people who love others unconditionally regardless of race, gender, or social status.

Centered (in) Worship – To be involved in being centered on welcoming and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Harvest Focused Discipleship – To never lose sight of the end result of reaping a spiritual harvest of souls through relationships and education.

Relevant for Inter-generational Ministry – To understand the interests and trends of current culture and seek to connect biblical truth in traditional and innovative ways.

Outreach Evangelism – To be sensitive to the needs of others and attempt to meet those needs to the best of our ability through outreach, missions, community service, and evangelism.

Leadership Development – To be leaders committed to develop, multiply, and empower more effective Christian leaders with a commitment to integrity, excellence, and teamwork.